What products do I need to look after my skin type

If you haven’t already take a look at my post recognising your skin type. Once you have worked out what skin type you have. The next step is finding out what type of products are most suited too which skin type. What sort of products should you be looking for to help care for your skin type. Get your pens at the ready and jot down what you need for your skin.

Normal skin

eye make-up remover lotion
light cleansing cream or lotion or a facial  wash if preferred.
a toner with 10- 20%   alcohol content
light moisturiser cream/ lotion
eye lotion

Dry skin

eye make-up remover oil or cream
cream cleanser
low alcohol content toner
paraffin wax masks
non setting masks
eye cream
cream moisturiser

Oily skin

eye  make  up  remover lotion
cleansing lotion or cleansing milk
facial wash or foaming gel
toner with 2-50% alcohol content
cleansing peels
clay-based masks
milk moisturiser
light eye gel

Combination skin

T- zone – use products recommended in oily skin
Dry cheeks – use products recommended in dry skin
Normal cheeks- use products recommended in normal skin

Sensitive skin

The same as dry skin
Fragrance free products
Use specialist brands for sensitive skin.

You don’t have to go mad and buy loads of products. The products I’ve suggested will really help with your skin type. I haven’t stated any brands as no matter what your budget repeated use of the correct products will make a difference! If you would like me to go into detail about what brands, I like for each skin type leave me a comment below. Let me know what products you are using and what brands you use.

Lots of Love,
Laura x