Skincare Routine

If you had a look at my post about recognising your skin type and my post about What products do I need to look after my skin.  Then you know what skin type you have and what type of products suit your skin. Once you have bought your skin care products it important to know how often to use the products. So I have put together a example of perfect skin care routine.


removes dirt, make-up, sweat and oil from your skin.
You should cleanse your skin both in the morning and before going to bed.

Tightens your pores, stimulates circulation also gets rid of any cleanser left on the skin.
Use after cleanser. You should tone your skin both in the morning and at night.

Day cream (moisturiser)
Creates a protective film to help keep in your skins moisture. Restores any natural oils to the skin.
Day Creams normally contain SPF protecting your skin from the sun.
Use after toning in the mornings.

Night Cream (moisturiser)
A rich cream to restores skins natural oils, helps keep skin supple.
Unlike day creams these offer no protection to your skin and are often much more intensive than day creams.
Use after toning at Night.

Eye make-up remover.
cleanses the delicate eye area of make-up and dirt. much more gentle than a cleanser which shouldn’t be used on the sensitive skin around the eyes.
Use in the evening to remove any eye make-up.

When needed

Eye balm/cream
A gentle balm or cream for on the eye lid and around eye area. soothes and refreshes eyes. reduces puffiness and dark circles. You can get anti-ageing balms which reduce fine lines
Use when feeling tired or you notice your eyes are puffy. Use more often if you suffer with fine lines and wrinkles in the eye area.

Lip balm
Lip balms and creams help to heal dry or sore lips. They also protect the lips against harsh weather and stops the lips from cracking. Most contain sunscreen but always check as the lips have no natural protection from the sun.
Use when lips feel dry or if you are going out in harsh weather or the sun.

Once a week

Removes the dead cells from the top layer of skin. Improves texture of the skin.
Use to get rid of dead skin cells and improve circulation. use before tanning.

Face mask
Deep cleanses, soothes and balances the skin

I hope this helps you create the prefect skin routine and if followed you should notice a difference in your skin. Remember to look over at my other post to see what types of products you should be using in your routine.

Lots of Love,
Laura x