Illegal Length Mascara

Hey Huns! I saw the advert on the telly for this and thought hmm I got to give this ago. I like my lashes thick and as long as I can get them without them looking like clumpy spiders legs. I got this from Superdrug and it cost £8.99 which is sort of average for a new line Maybelline mascara.

When I opened it I was sort of unimpressed with the brush, I normally like big fluffy brushes.You can see all the little fibres which are meant to stick to your lashes and extend them. I initially thought this is going to be really lumpy as all  the little fibres will  just stick together.  I gave it ago anyway and  got to say I was blown away. It states it will extend your lashes up to 4mm and if you look at a ruler its quite a claim. I’m not sure my lashes were extended 4mm’s but it did noticeably lengthen them.


The only problem with the mascara is its not a one sweep = fab lashes mascara . I literally had to put several coats on to get any sort of added of length. So definitely not one for on the go. Considering I put so many coats on I’m amazed at the lack of clumps! If you are going to add more than one coat I recommend not waiting for each coat to dry this made them look abit flaky.

As I said I normally go for volume instead of lengthening mascaras as i normally find i can get a good length with a volume mascara aswell as thicker looking lashes. I have used other lengthening mascaras and I find they make you look like you have about five really long lashes lol were they just clump together or you have really long lashes but they are so thin I end up applying another mascara on top. I didn’t have any of these problems with Illegal Lengths my lashes were not only long but thick aswell. Not as thick as with the Maybelline Colossal Mascara but not that far off ether. The only other problem was it kept smudging onto my skin behind my lashes. I found if you put your mirror above you and look up when applying to your bottom lashes and the mirror below you when doing your upper lashes this helps alot! all in all I would definitely purchase again.

Hope this helps! Have you tried this mascara how did you find it?
Lots of Love,
Laura x