How to get the best sun tan!

With summer well and truly here most of us love to catch a few rays and top up that tan. I am a slave to the sun god and will be laying out in the sun whenever I can! If the suns not shinning, I will fake it but as much as I love my fake tans. nothing beats having the real thing. So whether you tanning in your garden or going on Holiday here’s my tips on getting the best darkest tan ever!

I can’t say this enough exfoliate, exfoliate exfoliate!! Exfoliating before tanning helps get rid of dry and dead skincells. If you don’t then this dry, dead skin creates a barrier. So the dead skin becomes tanned rather than the new skin underneath. Be gentle as you don’t want to damage the lower levels of skin.
Shave or remove hair before tanning
When you shave not only do you remove the hairs you also remove the dead skin cells lingering on your skin. So to get the best tan on your legs get shaving! plus who wants stubbly legs.
Get your lotion on
Protecting your skin from the sun doesn’t stop you getting a deep tan. All it does is protect your skin from burning. Meaning you can tan for longer, without turning lobster red! You can even get oils that protect you from burning while enhancing your tan. My fave tanning oil is Lemon Oil, It’s really moistursing so stops your skin from drying out and helps you get a really dark tan. I really recommend protecting your skin. Getting a tan slowly means it will last longer and wont peel.

Get an all over tan.
Tanning in or near water will give you a darker tan as the water reflects the suns ray. you must be careful to avoid burning and continually top up your lotion. If your on a beach you can get a really nice tan but be sure to check for burning as when its windy or you have a strong breeze you don’t notice how burnt you are. When tanning make sure you turn over regularly about every half hour to get an even tan.

When fake tanning you must keep away from oily products as they will give you uneven coverage. Yet when getting a natural tan you want to give your skin as much moisture as you can. Use bath oils or add a few drops of baby oil to your bath to get you really soft moisturised skin. Try not to use any soap or any other products that dry your skin out. There are plenty of affordable soap free shower gels available. Body shop sells some beautiful smelling ones that feel delicious on your skin.
Give into your thirst
to get the best tan your skin needs to be healthy. Water is good for you anyway. Yet you will notice the difference in your skin and tan, If you drink 8 glasses a day. When you are sunbathing your skin is loosing moisture and becoming dry. Your also loosing fluids when you are sweating, so keeping hydrated is a must.
Drench your skin in Moisturiser
Using moisturiser stops your skin drying out. As I said above sunbathing dries out your skin and you loose all the skins natural oils. So using a good moisturiser morning and night will help your tan last longer. Aftersun is brilliant for this and you can even get ones with a hint of fake tan making your tan look darker.
Sunbathe on more than one day
Don’t spend the whole day tanning as this will just leave you burnt. When your on holiday you get a better tan because every day you are topping up your tan. To get the darkest tan possible, you have to get sun for as many days continually as you can. If you aren’t going abroad this can be hard especially during the working week. Yet to get the darkest tan you need to get out and top up that tan as often as possible.

Top tip!
Change up the type of bikini you wear each tanning session. This will stop you getting really harsh tan lines and you can see the depth of tan developing each time. So if I wear a halter neck the neck day I will wear a strapless top.

Remember do all you can to avoid burning. your tan wont last as long, peeling is going to set you back on your mission for an even dark tan.

What are you best tanning tips? Do you have any products you swear by? Let me know all your thoughts by commenting below.

Lots of Love,
Laura x